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Sold and shipped across Canada from Prescott, Ontario.

Brand direct , straight to you.

Est 1895, the Portolano family continues to produce butter soft leather skins in amazing colours from their tannery in Naples Italy. Leather gloves and Cashmere accessories are crafted by our masters in the Philippines.

Change is a constant in life. Easter Monday 2024 , we closed our Brick and Mortar outlet in Prescott, Ontario for the last time after 38 years.

We listened to you CANADA, and we are focused now serving all of you via this website. The best kept secret in Eastern Ontario , still shipping from Prescott and assessible to you with a click.

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Portolano is a gem for high quality gloves, scarves, wraps, hats, and most of all for the warm and knowledgeable staff. Believe me, it's hard to buy just one 100% cashmere poncho or wrap once you feel the quality... I have never seen so many different styles and colors, 100% cashmere lined leather gloves in different colors and lengths, silk lined gloves, and sheepskin too.

Heidi B. (Facebook)